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Anti Bullying Champion


During November there was a National Anti-Bullying campaign for all schools.


St Mark’s participated with a Positive Friendship focus. Our five core Values, Hope, Honesty, Friendship, Forgiveness and Perseverance, under-pin all the social and emotional aspects of learning that we help to support your children with.

Positive social skills is something that we hope staff, children and parents all display at all times but during these few weeks we were able to really focus on what qualities are needed to be a good friend.


St Mark’s volunteered to be one of a few schools that made up a steering group on behalf of all North Somerset schools to spread the message and be creative in helping children remember how to be a good friend and what to do if they need any help with friendships.


Should your child ever need some extra support in this area please make sure they don’t keep quiet but do indeed come and share their concerns with school staff.  Class teachers, support staff, lunchtime staff and the Senior Management Team, all work hard as team to help support the kind ethos of St Mark’s.


Mrs Davis, our Family Adviser is our school Anti Bullying Champion and is helping to lead a group of North Somerset Schools with the yearly campaigns and raising general awareness throughout all schools.