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Autumn Walk

Year one went on a lovely autumn walk this week.. We walked around the local area to find signs of Autumn which was linked to our science topic of seasonal changes. The children had a great time collecting conkers, leaves and other autumnal items to use for their art in the next few weeks. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to find any squirrels but did discover some mushrooms and berries!

Here are some of things the children had to say about the trip:


Ashton – I found lots of conkers.

Lucas R – We were looking for the things on our clipboards such as leaves, conkers, squirrels and pine cones.

All of year one – we found everything except squirrels and bare trees.

India – I really liked the autumn walk and collecting all the autumn items.

Riley H – I found eleven conker shells and 1 conker.

Mason – I liked picking up yellow leaves that had fallen from the trees.

Lauren – I liked picking up the sticks that have fallen from the trees.

Riley S – I didn’t find many conkers but I had fun on the autumn walk.