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Bristol Oncology Unit

Our school community would like to join Mrs Howling in celebrating her good news yesterday, of being 6 years cancer free. Cancer as we know touches the lives of many either directly or indirectly. Mrs Howling would like to raise awareness of the wonderful work that takes place and give recognition to the dedicated team at Bristol Oncology Unit.


There is currently a competition between the European Breast Care units to win £10,000 of funding. Southmead Hospital doctors, nurses, supporters and friends demonstrate that although fighting cancer can be a very traumatic journey, there are also many long term survivors who get back to having fun, laughter and being themselves again. A short dance video has been prepared by Bristol Oncology Unit to give confidence and encouragement to recently diagnosed men and women who are just starting on their journey. Obviously we want to support Mrs Howling and the team who have supported her during her illness and ask that you help by voting for their video this evening, tomorrow and Friday to help them win the £10,000. Please follow the details below:


· Go to


· Select - vote now


· Select - country UK


· Select - vote for Bristol Breast Care Centre


· Enter your email to vote




· Confirmation email will be sent to open up a link then click the link




· Please ask friends and family to vote as well.


· Currently Bristol Oncology Unit are coming 2nd in the competition - let’s help them WIN!