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Earth Day - April 22nd

At St Mark’s, we believe that small changes have a big impact!


This week during Earth Week we are encouraging everyone in our St Mark's Family to make a pledge to make a small change which will make a big impact to our Earth.


Watch Miss French and the teachers make their pledges in this video.  Click here.


What will your pledge be? 


Look at pledges made by children here.


On Wednesday, we would like you to think about a small change you can make at home to protect our environment and make a pledge. This is where you commit to doing something. Here are some examples of what you can pledge!


•Switch off lights when not in use.
•Reduce the use of single use plastic as much as possible.
•Create bird feeders to hang in the garden to help the wildlife.
•Make sure taps are switched off when not being used.
•Use a reusable water bottle.


Write your pledge on a piece of paper and decorate! You can then put this somewhere at home to remind you of your pledge!


Then, create an action plan. How can you achieve this? Think of different ways you can check your progress. Here are some examples:

•Take photos of your progress e.g. birds in the garden using their new feeders.
•Keep a diary, recording what you achieve each day e.g. on Monday, most of the lights were switched off when not being used.
•Create a table to track switching off the taps.


Make sure you watch the video on the St Mark’s website which shows Miss French making her pledge and creating an action plan to help her stick to it! Please ask an adult at home to email a photo of your pledge or of you holding up your pledge to . Please put the subject as Earth Day. We are going to make a collage of these to share on the school website.

Scroll down to see other videos and activities for Earth Day 2020.

Each year, Earth Day is celebrated around the world on 22nd April. It is a special day where people stand up and use their voices to encourage everyone to look after our earth. It is celebrated in more than 192 countries and this year it is the 50th anniversary. You can show your support for Earth Day in lots of different ways, from building a bird feeder and looking after nature to recycling at home. Most importantly, celebrate Earth Day by sharing your passion and enthusiasm for looking after our environment! Remember that everyone has the power to make a difference and change the world!

Miss French's THANK YOU video


Miss French has made a special video thanking you all for your wonderful Earth Day pledges.  Keep turning your pledges into action to help our Planet.  Remember, at St Mark’s we believe that every small change can make a big difference.  If you did not make a pledge, perhaps you can choose one you see on this video and make it yours.


Click here to watch it.

Activities for world Earth Day


Earth Day is a very special day where we celebrate our earth and think about how we can help protect it. This week, we would like you to take part in activities which celebrate Earth Day and think about making a difference! How many of these can you complete this week?


Appreciate nature outside and complete a wildlife survey! What things can you see? You could do this on a walk, in your garden or by looking out your window!

Watch Mrs Elliott spotting wildlife in her back garden.


Create a bird feeder using things in your home and feed the birds. For help with this, go to the St Mark’s website > ideas for everyone > connect with nature, and click on the RSPB link. There are wonderful ideas for creating bird feeders, along with lots of other creative ideas, such as creating a hedgehog cafe and building a bird bath!

Watch Mrs Howling make a bird feeder for her back garden.


Complete a plastic survey. What single use plastic do you use at home? Remember that single use plastic is something you use once and then throw away e.g. a milk carton.


Create a piece of artwork which encourages people to look after the environment. Be as creative as you like!  You could make a model out of single use plastic that you have at home, design a poster, or use magazines to make a collage of the earth!


Ask an adult if you can help with the recycling this week.


Design a poster which you can put up somewhere at home e.g. encouraging people to switch off the tap while they brush their teeth.


Ask an adult to help you bake some biscuits or cakes and decorate these to look like earth!


Make a mini book which talks about how we need to protect the environment and gives suggestions for how we can do this.

Watch Miss French make a mini Earth Day book. Make one for our Earth Day library back in school.


Most importantly, have fun celebrating Earth Day with your family! Look on the St Mark’s website for videos of teachers completing some of these activities at home! There will be a special activity to complete on Earth Day. Check back on the website on Wednesday for information on this!