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There are two spaces in our reception classes, one space in Year 4 and two spaces in Year 5. If you are interested in a tour of our school please ring 01934 513008.

Home Learning 2020/21

Home Learning during Covid 19 Pandemic

During this academic year children may need to undertake Home Learning during a National or Regional Lockdown or for other short periods of time.  This may be because of the need to isolate whilst waiting for Covid test results, or because other members of their family are waiting for results or have tested positive for the virus.  If your child is isolating at home but is well and would otherwise be in school, then the Government requires teachers to set work for each child each day and to give feedback on completed work.


Our Trust is using Microsoft Teams for teachers to send work to self-isolating children on a daily basis. Your child has login details for their Teams account on page 3 of their Home School Diary.  You will have received a letter about your child’s Teams account at the end of Autumn Term 1.  A copy of the letter can be read here:


Acceptable Use Policy for accessing and using Microsoft Teams for online learning at home.

We are requiring all parents to read and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy for using Teams.  This will ensure that staff, children and parents can enjoy using this resource safely and responsibly.


Please click on the document below to read the policy.


Class Online Declaration Agreement for the Acceptable Use of Teams

Mrs Bowden has recorded three videos to support both children and parents in their use of Teams.  The first video explains how your child will log in to their Teams account:

The second video explains the different types of activities that can be set by the teacher on Teams and how to return completed work to school:

The third video explains how to attach photos of completed work or activities to a Team's assignment and 'Hand it in' to the teacher for feedback.

When teachers send out work via Teams, they may refer to the Home Learning Plan for each Year Group. If this is the case, please scroll down and click on the Home Learning Page for your child's Year Group and follow the instructions on the Home Learning Plan.


If you have difficulties accessing the internet for the Teams learning resources, then please contact the school office on 01934 513008.