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Information for Prospective Governors

7th October 2021


Dear Parent, Grandparent, Guardian or Carer




I am now writing to inform you that the Local Governing Committee of St Mark’s Primary school is seeking to appoint two Foundation Governors. The Christian Ecumenical Foundation of the school is based on a partnership between the Church of England and Methodist local Churches and community and its Christian vision and values lie at the heart of all that the school do and aim to achieve. Foundation Governors are governors who are asked to help the school uphold its Christian Ethos and principles. A Foundation Governor is:


  • A practising member of the Church of England or Methodist Church with a commitment to the Church school ethos or.
  • A member of a Christian Church (Churches Together or Evangelical Alliance) with a commitment to the Church school ethos or. 
  • Although not a member of a Christian Church, they demonstrate the ability and commitment to .


Governors are appointed by the Local Governing Committee based on having the right skills to contribute to effective governance.  We are specially seeking people who have a background or skills and experience in at least one of the following areas:


  • Managerial Responsibilities.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Financial Management and/or business skills and experience.
  • Education Background.


The Local Governing  Committee supports the work of the Leadership Team and staff to ensure high quality learning provision and outcomes for the children at St Mark’s Primary School.  It is important that those considering becoming a governor acknowledge that, to competently fulfil this responsibility, they need to commit time, energy and enthusiasm to the role and be proactive about upholding the Christian Ethos of the school by supporting the school in providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice and promoting Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

Being a school governor does require time and commitment, so we would not want anyone to take up the responsibility without being aware of what they are taking on.  On the school website at within the Community area under a link named ‘Information for Prospective Governors' there are a number of documents to assist you to understand what is required of a governor. These documents explain some of the roles, activities, responsibilities and commitments and will hopefully give you ample background information. If you require further clarification or information on the governor roles, please contact Mrs Helen Bath via the school office.


If you think that you or someone you know,  have the skills that we are looking for and wish to be considered to join the Local Governing Committee at St Mark’s Primary school, please complete the Governors Application form and Skills Audit, which can be found on the school website at  in the Community area under a link named ‘Information for Prospective Governors', along with a brief profile of approximately 100 words about yourself and what you would offer as an active member of St Mark’s Local Governing Committee. 


The forms and profile should be sent to Karen McCarthy, the Clerk to Governors via the school office by Monday 8th November 2021 after which arrangements will made for an informal meeting with the Chair of the Local Governing Committee and Mrs Bath.



Yours sincerely




Mr Tim Andow

Chair of Local Governing Committee