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There are two spaces in our reception classes, one space in Year 4 and two spaces in Year 5. If you are interested in a tour of our school please ring 01934 513008.

Letter to Children

                                                                                                                                     March 19th 2020

Dear Children,


I am already looking forward to the day when our Prime Minister Mr Johnson says that schools can open as usual and we will be back together again!  I shall miss seeing your lovely smiling faces each school day – remember our motto, “If someone hasn’t got a smile then give them one of yours!” 


Lots of elderly people, including relatives and neighbours, need to stay at home for a good while.  It would be wonderful if you could write to them or draw them one of your special pictures - by doing so you would be ‘letting your light shine!’  Perhaps you could ask your mum or dad if it would be possible to ring an elderly relative or neighbour and have a little chat.  I’m sure that would be the highlight of their day. Don’t forget to ask first though!  Also, there are lots of nursing homes in the area – perhaps you could send a letter or a card in the post to one of them. 


Remember to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice every time you wash your hands.  The scientists say that this really helps to reduce the spread of coronavirus.  We are all experts at doing this already!  I will give ‘Happy Birthday’ stickers out to everyone who has a birthday between now and our return! 


Our Prime Minister and his special helpers have asked schools to stay open for parents who do certain jobs.  There will be some children coming to school during the coming weeks and months and my staff will be taking good care of them. My teachers have planned lots of interesting work and activities for children to do at home.  Go onto our website and click on ‘Children’ and then ‘Home Learning and Websites’.  Those children who are at school will do very similar work and my staff will make sure you have lots of great activities to do together.  You will be with St Mark’s children who are not usually in your class so you will be able to make new friends which is exciting!  PE kits will be sent home tomorrow for washing!  If you are in school next week then please bring your PE kit back in with you on Monday. 


Year 6 children – we do not know yet if we will be back at school before the end of your time with us at St Mark’s.  If we aren’t, then I want you to know that I have already got your leaver cuddly toys and autograph books and we will work something out nearer the time.


So, until we are all together again take good care of yourselves.


With love from


Mrs Bath