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Mystery Monday

Miss Pack’s class - Mystery Monday – Jungle 

We had three cuddly animal toys – a gorilla, a rhino and a lion. There was a note on them saying ‘Help! Endangered animals!’ We learnt as a class what the word ‘endangered’ and ‘extinct’ mean and also discussed how we could do things such as recycle and walk more to help look after the animals in the jungle. These are the ideas we came up with of what we should do for our Mystery Monday:

  • Make a jungle door
  • Make jungle animals
  • Make some trees
  • Colouring
  • Design our own animals
  • Find out about endangered animals and find out how to help them
  • Make a coconut tree
  • Make animal puppets
  • Make animal masks
  • Draw and colour animals
  • Read and make books about animals
  • Write a story about the gorilla, rhino and lion

We wrote stories about the jungle animals, drew the jungle animals and made a class door which involved colouring and cutting leaves and animals to make a jungle scene!