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There are two spaces in our reception classes, one space in Year 4 and two spaces in Year 5. If you are interested in a tour of our school please ring 01934 513008.

Online Safety

We are absolutely delighted to be the first school in the country to be awarded the Online Safety Mark for the fourth time out of more than 400 schools who have attained the award. At St. Mark’s the staff, parents and governors continually seek to ensure the safety of our children both now and in the future and we are proud that these efforts have been recognised. In particular, the assessor commented that ‘pupils are well informed’ about online safety and that they are actively involved through events such as Family Group sessions where the School Council helped to educate their fellow pupils. Importantly, the ‘ongoing progress’ of the school was also recognised, showing that at St. Mark’s we continually seek to evolve our provision to support children on their life-long learning journey.  


The internet and technology develops and changes constantly.  For some parents it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with what is happening on the internet and how your child's latest phone, gadget or games console works. If you have any concerns about your child and the internet please feel free to speak to your child's class teacher. Further support is also available from Mr Shephard (Online Safety Coordinator), Mrs Davis (Family Support Advisor) and Mrs Bath. Please see below for more information about Safer Internet Day, Online Safety Polices and the school SMART plan.


These websites and guidance sheet can also help:


The Digital Parenting magazine has lots of helpful information about online safety:
Below are the Acceptable Use Agreements that the children must adhere to when using any ICT in school. As parents you are asked to sign in agreement when your child starts school. The children sign their copy too. We have four versions which are age appropriate for the children as they grow. For more detailed information please see our Online Safety Policy.

This is our school SMART plan. Your child will see this wherever they use ICT in school: