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Parents Feedback

Mrs Davis has been a huge support at a very challenging time in our family’s journey. She provided support, listened to our situation and offered guidance to improve our individual wellbeing, and that also of our family. My children benefitted from having a safe place to go and be listened to and not judged. They were able to understand their emotions more and learnt calming techniques. Without the support of Mrs Davis, I believe the outcome would have been different to the new journey we are now on as a family.


Sessions have clearly been beneficial to our child and helped him deal with his anxiety and increasing confidence. Meetings and communication with us as parents have been essential and have helped us move forwards with ideas to help our child and for us to understand how he is being helped in school.


My child’s mentoring sessions have not only helped at school but have made a massive difference to his behaviour at home.  We both found the ‘feelings work’ made a huge improvement to how my child expressed himself and we will continue to use this method.  I was made aware of all the progress he was making at school and found all the information really helped to how I could help my child at home.  The support we both got was amazing.


Mrs Davis has been fantastic with my child. I am very grateful for all the support, understanding and her caring, professional attitude. Mrs Davis has helped my child through bereavement and issues with body image. We can't fault the mentoring process.

The support that we have received thus far as a family has been invaluable. Mrs Davis has taken considerable time to sit down to discuss the problems and anxiety that my child was facing.  She has given us tools and resources to use at home. The cooperation between Mrs Davis and class teachers has been brilliant and we have established a good routing to assist my child with entering the school calmly. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the assistance of Mrs Davis and the school.


Mrs Davis is an asset to St Mark’s School. She has helped my child when her self-esteem was very low. I would trust Mrs Davis with any issue, she is part of a staff team who genuinely care about my child. Mrs Davis helped my child to smile again.

My child has found the mentoring process completely invaluable. It has made my child much happier and confident coming into school. My child enjoys the sessions and it has helped with his anxiety. My child would not have gone on the residential trip if it wasn’t for Mrs Davis. I also could not thank Mrs Davis enough for the help and support she gave my child with his transition to secondary school.


The mentoring process kept my child going in her unhappiest time. My child felt fully understood and could be honest with her feelings. Mrs Davis is excellent at making children feel safe, valued and heard.  Mrs Davis has always responded in a timely manner to any emails or discussions and this has helped us. My child’s sessions with Mrs Davis will no doubt remain part of her fondest memories of her time at St Mark’s.


Unfortunately, our child was taken ill this year but from the outset it was clear the school were very concerned and instantly supported us as a family during this time. Mrs Davis understood how sensitively our child’s return to school should be handled and produced a suitable phased plan giving our child a voice in how this should happen and what his concerns were.  As a family we appreciate all support and hard work that went into this.


My child has made real improvements since taking part in the food group – he now tries new foods without complaint, and it is a massive step forward to help us find things. He also knows lots about healthy eating and is making good choices – we are very impressed. Thank you!


Having the support of the mentoring system, my child has felt safe, supported and secure in the knowledge that there is someone to talk to, listen and advise her in a supportive and confidential manner. The mentoring system has also supported my family and given us information of external services that are available to us that can improve our wellbeing outside of the school environment.