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Pastoral Trips

Ice Skating:

Mrs Davis, Family Adviser, selected some mixed aged groups to visit Icescape at the Tropicana site in Weston-super-Mare. The children were really good at skating, some chose to use a supporting seal to help them get used to the ice and some were able to skate independently. Everyone was worn out by the end of the afternoon but had a fantastic time. Some quotes from the children included;

‘It was great, when I started I kept falling over but I kept getting back up and then I got the hang of it.’

‘I have never been skating before, it was hard work - but good fun and I’ve made some new friends to play with at school.’

‘Wow! I’ve enjoyed skating so much I’m going to ask my Mum if I can book to come back for my birthday in December with my best friends.’

‘I enjoyed being pushed on the seal, then I got brave enough to have a go at skating around the edge. I was really proud that I didn’t fall over!’

‘I liked helping the younger ones.’

‘I’ve made some new friends in my class.’

‘It was super skate-tastic!!!’