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REVISED RE-OPENING DATE JUNE 8th, at earliest, for Years R, 1 and 6. See Children - Home Learning Page and Webites for further details via video from Mrs Bath and letter from Philip Bowditch CEO BWMAT. St Mark's open as normal for Key Worker children on June 1st. Headteacher Mrs Bath has a 'Welcome Message' for all our new Reception Children and Parents starting St Mark's in September. Please view under Parents -> Preschool Parent Information. Visit Children > Home Learning and Websites for lots of ideas to keep busy and keep learning at home.

Pictures for the Neighbours

Isla Yr 2, Mrs Elliotts class -  Letting her light shine.  Isla painted some lovely rocks with kind messages on and  placed them outside our front for when people walk past.  She wants to make people smile and brighten their day when they see them.  Isla thoroughly enjoyed painting the rocks and lots of our neighbours have said how lovely they are to see.
Picture 1