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There are two spaces in our reception classes, one space in Year 4 and two spaces in Year 5. If you are interested in a tour of our school please ring 01934 513008.

Reception Home Learning

Below is the Home Learning Information for 2019/20 and it is not relevant to the current Reception year.

Please use these email addresses below to send children's letters or pictures to their new teacher:

Mrs Butcher does some fingerprint drawing. Click here.

Mrs Howling and Mr Shephard try to keep up with the counting song here.

Practise your sounds and keywords daily with Mrs Howling

Mrs Howling helps with sight words and sings a song. Click here to watch.

Go on a sight word hunt and try other activities with Mrs Howling here.

Mrs Howling's Letters and Phonics activity. Click here.

Make numbers with Mr Shephard. Click here to watch the video.

Mr Shephard shows you how to play Race to 20 at home. Click here to watch the video.

Take part in Mr Shephard's Numicon Activity.  Click here to watch the video.


All Reception videos can be found here.