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School Council

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St Mark’s School Council is made up of children who have been elected by their class to help improve the school.

The School Council wear green special badges so that they can be easily identified. They are more than happy to listen if you have a good idea to share.

There is a School Council election every year so everyone gets an opportunity to be elected.

Would you like to be a school councillor?


The School Council members felt proud, relieved and thankful to be elected to represent the school community. Being a member of the school council is a really good opportunity to help children develop leadership and team skills.


  • We will have the opportunity to be part of a different group and develop new friendships. - Mollie
  • People in the School Council will be able to grow in confidence because they will be able share values. - Lucy
  • School Council will have the opportunity to work with other people not just their special friends. I will make friends with everyone in the group. - Tom
  • School Council is like being a member of a big family. Billy
  • The School Council want to do something amazing and want others to sign up to that too. - Emily
  • Being a member of School Council is an opportunity to develop in confidence and friendship skills because we will be working with other people from different year groups. - Thomas
  • Being a School Council member will help me to be more responsible. - Meena
  • I hope to gain belief in myself and social skill with others. - Fletcher
  • The School Council helps me to gain inspiration for children at St Mark's. - Seb
  • I look forward to having new ideas about making the school a better place. - Jess
  • I think being a School Council member will help me become a better decision maker. - Leah
  • Having taken the opportunity of becoming a School Council member will help me decide when to take other opportunities as I grow up. -Tom