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A reminder to all parents please do not use the staff car park before , during or after the school day. Thank you


School Leadership Team

Mrs Helen Bath - Head Teacher

Mrs Julie Bowden - Deputy Head Teacher / Maths Lead / Assessment Lead

Miss Rebecca Hambleton - Assistant Head Teacher/SENDCo / Pupil Premium Lead/ KS1 lead

Mrs Lauren Vowles - SLT English Lead (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Mrs Juliet Davies - SLT KS2 Lead

Miss Amy Jones / Miss Olivia Owen - SLT Curriculum Leads


School Teams




Mrs Clare Howling - Reception Teacher

Mr Robert Shephard - Reception Teacher

Jess Boley - Reception Teacher

Mrs Sara Butcher - Reception LSA

Mrs Sarah Capel - Reception LSA

Mrs Michelle Carrick - 1:1 LSA


KS1 Team


Mrs Katy Barnes - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Rachel Pack - Year 1 Teacher (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Miss Jenny Binns - Year 1 Teacher(Covering Maternity Leave)

Mrs Karen Parfitt - Year 1 LSA

Mrs Liz Burton - Year 1 LSA

Mrs Claire Edgar - Year 1 LSA

Mrs Clare Elliot - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Claire Watters - Year 2 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning)

Mrs Laura Cook - Year 2 Teacher (Wednesday pm, Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Rachel Rooke - Year 2 TA

Mrs Rachel Taylor - Year 2 TA
Mrs Sue Cox - LSA



KS2 Team


Mr Peter Chadwick - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Claire Hart - Year 3 Teacher (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Juliet Davies - Year 3 Teacher (Monday to Wednesday)

Miss Natasha Derham - Year 3 Teacher (Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Janet Hill - Year 3 TA

Mrs Lisa Hibbard - Year 3 TA

Mrs Claire Edgar - 1:1 LSA

Mrs Lindsey Tucker - Apprentice LSA (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Miss Lana Pugh - Year 4 Teacher

Mr Matt Jones - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Kathie Young - Year 4 LSA

Mrs Andrea D'Arcy - Year 4 LSA

Miss Liv Owen - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Sandra Lucas - Year 5 Teacher

Miss Jade Hayes - Year 5 TA and Sports Coach

Mrs Liz Ioannou - Year 5 LSA

Mrs Julie Bowden - Year 6 Teacher

Lauren Vowles - Year 6 Teacher (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Miss Amy Jones - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Debbie Hall - Year 6 TA

Mrs Rachael Jones - Year 6 TA


Specialist Teacher and Support


Miss Rebecca Hambleton - SENDCo

Mrs Jo Catto - SENDCo Support Assistant

Mrs Andrea Davis - Family Support Advisor

Mr Will Sneddon-Coombes- Sports coach

Ms Lucinda Barnes - First Aid


School Office



Mrs Alison Sneddon-Coombes - Bursar

Mrs Lisa Spillane - Administrator

Mrs Helen Allen - Administration Assistant




Mrs Clare Hawker

Mrs Carol Hayes

Mrs Rebecca Powell

Mrs Helen Allen

Mrs Liz Burton

Mrs Sara Butcher

Mrs Sharon Thrupp

Mrs Kathry Warren

Mrs Michelle Carrick

Mrs Kathie Young

Miss Rosie Jones

Mrs Helen Morley

Mrs Rachel Smith


Extended Schools


Mrs Lisa Owen - Breakfast Club

Miss Jess Cox - Breakfast Club

Miss Lindsey Tucker - Breakfast Club (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Mrs Helen Morley - Breakfast Club


Site Support


Mr Stephen Squires - Site Manager

Mrs Denise Stewart - Cleaner

Mrs Diane Fudge - Cleaner

Cleaning staff from Weston Support Services