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Story Sharing

Year One enjoyed sharing a Julia Donaldson story with a partner this week.

Sophia – I like the Gruffalo because he has spikes on his back.

Connie – Sharing a Shell because of the helter skelter.

Sophie – I like Stickman because he gets thrown by a boy and the boy gets the dog to fetch it.

Max – The Gruffalo is my favourite because the big brown mouse tricks him.

Logan – The Snail and the Whale is my favourite because they made water for the whale

Olivia – I liked the Singing Mermaid because it has glittery pages

Ciaran – I liked Room on the Broom because there’s a page where a dragon breaths fire and I like dragons

Woody – I like Highway Rat because there’s a knight in the story

Oliver – I like The Gruffalo because there’s a fox in it and they were similar to dogs

Lillie-Rose – I like the Gruffalo because the mouse walks along the path

Layla – I like Tabby McTat because cats are cute

Harmonie – I like The Gruffalo because the Gruffalo tried to get the mouse but the mouse tricks the Gruffalo.

George – I like Stickman because he got frozen in the winter but I don’t think Stickman would have liked that. In the story he is trying to find his way home.