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We have places available in the following year groups: 5 places in Year 1, 5 places in Year 3 and 2 places in Year 4.

VE Day Celebrations

Your VE Day Celebrations
Watch Reg Charles' VE Day
The staff at St. Mark's wish you all a happy and safe V.E. Day.  Click on the link below to watch our special video.

A special banner for Reg Charles


Reg Charles, who fought in the Second World War, is Mrs. Watter's grandfather. You may recognise him, as he always takes part in our remembrance service.   At St Mark’s we wanted to honour Reg’s service to our country and his heroism and so have had a special banner made from all of us that will be put up today outside of his home.  He will have had a big surprise when he opened his curtains!!   As we honour Reg, we also remember and honour each and every service man and woman who served our country during World War 2 so we can celebrate the freedom we have today.  

Reg has also written down his memories of both the war and V.E. Day

Mrs. Cox has also taken a picture of her grandfather's medals from the war.


We would love to see any pictures of you celebrating V.E.Day. Maybe you have made some bunting or coloured one of Mrs. Bath's pictures, perhaps you have had a picnic and raised a toast to "those who gave so much".

Please send your pictures to  and mark them VE Day.

I hope that you are all keeping safe & well. My mother- in law Jan Bath has kindly drawn me a series of Teddies linked to VE Day to share with you. I have done a short video talking you through the pictures if you would like to watch it. If you are allowed to print one or more of the teddy pictures out at home then you could colour them in or add drawings to them & put them up in your home or on your windows for passers by to see or or before VE DAY.  Mrs. Bath
Watch this short presentation which explains what V.E. Day is.
Watch Mrs. Bath tell you about V.E. Day
A Timetable of Events on V.E.Day
The Vikings that visited Year 4 earlier this year have some great VE Day ideas. Follow the link.
Have a tea party on V.E.Day - here are some ideas
Take the bunting challenge
Have a look at some of the bunting the staff at St. Mark's have made.
Mrs. Davis makes the perfect sandwich
Mrs. Hall bakes a fruit cake
Mrs. Lucas makes a cup of tea!
More Recipes from Bletchley Park
V.E. Day Word Search

Design a medal to commemorate the end of world War Two in Europe.

Be a Code Breaker