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Where's Wally Cooking

Where’s Wally cooking

We make some really yummy cheese and tomato spirals! If you look closely you will see they have a red swirly pattern, the colours of Wally’s t-shirt! First we had to think about what we would need to make them, including which kitchen tools would be needed. Then we talked about hygiene and making sure everything was nice and clean (including ourselves!) After that we got down to the making part. We had to use lots of different techniques to make our spirals including spreading, sprinkling and cutting. When they had finished cooking in the oven we got to eat them, they were very yummy indeed!

After all of this we wrote instructions for how to make the cheese and tomato spirals being careful to sequence our sentences correctly and use different time connectives.

If you would like to try making these at home, here is the link: