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There are two spaces in our reception classes, one space in Year 4 and two spaces in Year 5. If you are interested in a tour of our school please ring 01934 513008.

Year 2 Home Learning


Y2  Home Learning Plan

Class teachers:  Mrs Davies, Mrs Williams and Miss Ball


This Home Learning Plan supports the education of children needing to isolate at home but who would otherwise be well enough to attend school.  


The Home Learning Plan combines set daily tasks for a child to complete for English, links to daily White Rose Maths, links to Oak National Academy daily lessons (this includes teaching and learning of other subjects in the curriculum). 


Daily reading:  


It is so important you continue your daily reading.  Please read at least-15 minutes a day – great if you can read longer. Choose from the following types of text:

- your school reading book

- your assigned book on Active Learn – Bug Club

      (log in details on page 21 of Home School Diary)

- the high frequency words and Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words (p.22-23 Home-School Diary) to build the children’s sight vocabulary

- one of your own fiction or non-fiction books

- an article on the Children’s Newsround website

- a magazine or comic



Daily English Lesson on Oak National Academy

Click on the link to take part in the Daily English Lesson for Year 2 on the Oak National Academy Website.  Look for today’s date.  



Choose two of the following activities to complete each week:

  • Write the weekly shopping list out for your parents
  • Write a letter to an elderly relative who is also isolating or who may be missing you!
  • Choose a character from your book and write a description of them
  • Re-tell your favourite fairy tale or story
  • Create a poster to tell other people how to correctly wash your hands
  • Find a picture/photo of a place (a forest, a beach, mountain, planet, cave etc) and write a setting description

You can find lots of different pictures on

  • If you have done some cooking at home, write instructions for how to make the food


Daily Spelling and Word work


Monday:    Spelling Shed    

Log in details on Page 21 of your Home School Diary.

Practise your spelling assignment on spelling shed.


Tuesday:  Spelling

Practise spelling 10 words from the Year 2 Common Exception Word spelling list: find these on p 23 of the Home School Diary.


Wednesday:  Spelling Shed

Practise playing the ‘Bonus Games’ on Spelling Shed – try the ‘Bee Keeper’ or ‘Missing Word’ games.


Thursday:   Sentence work

Choose 5 words from your spelling shed list and write them in a sentence, showing your understanding of the meaning.




Friday:    Vocabulary work

Find 3 interesting words in your reading work.  Talk to an adult about the meaning of the word and begin to learn to spell it.  Try to use these words in a conversation.



We are beginning to revise and consolidate children’s understanding of Phase 5. Please practise these sounds and home and finding them within words.


Please play games on:




Daily ‘White Rose Maths’ Lesson


‘White Rose Maths’ is the maths scheme we follow at St Mark’s. Each week they provide a set of online Home Learning lessons in the form of a video.  Please encourage your child to complete one lesson every day (note: sometimes there may be only 4 videos for a week).   


The video can be accessed and played on any PC, laptop, mobile device, phone etc.  Your child should pause the video and try answering questions when instructed to do so. All jottings and calculations can be made in your child’s Homework Book.


Click on this link to go to the White Rose Home Learning Page.

Find the ‘current week’ maths lessons for Year 2.


(Please note:  The Oak National Academy produce a Daily Maths Lessons, but we would prefer the children to complete the White Rose Maths lessons instead.  If they wish to do this lesson as well, they are welcome to do so.)

Additional Daily Maths Activities:   


Monday:    Counting


Counting on and back in 1s from different starting numbers; practise writing numbers in figures and words


Find the game at:


Click:  sequencing counting in ones  0 to 100

Click:  sequencing counting in 2’s  0 to 100

Click: sequencing counting in multiples - multiples of 10/ multiples of 5


Tuesday:   Numbers bonds to 10 and 20.


Find the game at


Green button (number bonds)  make 10 or make 20


ActiveLearn à Primary  mystuff à abacus à seaside scuffle


Wednesday:  2D Shape


Find game in:  

ActiveLearn Primary à mystuff à abacus à reel it in


Thursday:   Ordering and sequencing numbers


Find the game at


Click: ordering à forwards 1 to 100

Click: ordering à backwards 100 to 1





Friday:    Time


Practise telling the time to the nearest hour (o’clock) and half an hour (half past)


Find the game at:

Analogue to analogue o’clock

Analogue to analogue o’clock half hour


Other curriculum subjects - Oak National Academy


Go to the Oak National Academy.  Click on:


Find your year group.


Click on ‘Schedule’.  Complete the lesson for today that is not English or Maths (often this is Lesson 2).


You will need to watch the video and answer questions the teacher asks.  Pause the video to give yourself thinking time.



RE – BBC Bitesize


Go to BBC Bitesize – KS1 RE. Click on:


Watch one of the videos on Christianity at least two days a week.


Online PE activities from ‘Jump Start Jonny’


Children will be familiar with these lively workouts and quiet mindfulness lessons online


To go to Jump Start Jonny website, click:


Login details:




            Password:  StMarks