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A reminder to all parents please do not use the staff car park before , during or after the school day. Thank you

Year 6

We are a class of thirty two children who are sporty, sociable and respectful. As Year 6, we will be working hard for SATs, preparing for secondary school but also doing lots of exciting things like: residential, money project and ‘Year Six has got Talent’.  Our History topic is World War 2 and we will be working on our project to create a museum.  This is our last year at primary school so we will be trying our best and making the most of the time we have left together.  We hope you will look forward to seeing our posts on the school website about the various activities we will do through the year.

 Mrs Bowden’s Class

Hello everyone we are year 6  and we are going to tell you a little bit about us. Moving up from Year 6 is quite a big step from Year 5. As a class, we are good at working well together, being creative and always trying our best. We love creating amazing artwork that we can share with everyone including younger children.

Now that we are the oldest children in the school, we have taken on lots of roles and responsibilities. You may have heard us on the end of the telephone at lunch time or seen us doing lots of helpful jobs around the school. We also have three imaginative school councillors who we know will do their best to help make the school even better.

We have lots of amazing things to look forward to this year. Such as new and exciting class projects, sharing new books with our younger reading partners, going on exciting school trips, singing and acting in the Summer play/ Year 6 has got talent and of course school camp!


Miss Jones' Class