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St Mark’s Primary School

"'Let Your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16"

Academy Council

At St Mark's we have an academy council made up of 10 children from Year 5 and Year 6. This group of children work closely with the

Headteacher to provide 'children’s' points of view in relation to many aspects of teaching and learning. They are an insightful group of children who are continually looking at ways to improve further our school provision. They accompany the Headteacher and Governors on learning walks within our school and their feedback is given to the teaching staff to improve provision. In addition to their role within our school community they also have a key role in liaising with other schools within and outside of the Trust. When they visit other schools, they bring back into our school positive changes to improve either the curriculum, environment or aspects of worship. 

When I heard I had been chosen to be an Academy Councillor …

I felt ecstatic! Ella Age 10

I wanted to scream with joy and cry with pride. Sidney Age 9


I believe I can make a difference by…

helping children to reach their learning goals. Ella Age 10

make learning even more enjoyable. Olivia Age 10

trying to make our school get more technical devices to help with our learning. Ruby Age 10

encouraging other to let their light shine! Ruby Age 10

helping children achieve their best on their learning journey. William Age 10


I am looking forward to…

visiting other schools and finding out how to make our school an even better place for learning. Austin Age 9

meeting children from other school that from other countries and who practice other religions. Sanya Age 10

making new friends in different schools. Cohen Age 10

visiting other schools and experiencing how they structure their day. Tiana Age 10