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"'Let Your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16"

Warming Our Hearts

During Worship we talked about times when ' our hearts felt warmed!' Mrs Bath talked to the children about a time when we had a candlelit walk of remembrance on our Friendship Path one evening to celebrate the lives of those that we love who had sadly died of cancer. Children, parents, grandparents & members of the local Community joined together in prayer & thanksgiving remembering family members & friends who had died. ' It was heart warming to see our community gathered together through song & prayer and walking hand in hand on our Friendship path which was lit by candle bags decorated by the children. It was a special scene to watch & be a part of.' Mrs Bath 


In Worship the children were also able to identify lots of times when 'their hearts felt warmed' which included the following:

My Auntie fosters children - Izzy

My mum Fosters dogs - Ashton

Taking part in a run to raise money for cancer research - Jaiden

Training a puppy who would become a guide dog for the blind - Bobbi

Running laps in the garden having been inspired by Captain Tom - Emily

Donating hair to the Princess Trust - Bella


 The children were able to understand that helping others & putting the needs of others before their own needs was the right thing to do & they felt 'warm hearts' as a result. One child said that by running in a race for charity made his heart feel warm from doing good as well as making his heart feel warm from the exercise!