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"'Let Your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16"

Big Questions

At the end of each RE lesson in KS2 classes, the children are encouraged to come up with a big question, which they will reflect on and discuss in the week.

The question is displayed in the reflection area alongside paper and pens, so that those children who wish to write an answer down can do so.

Throughout the week the class are given the opportunity to discuss the question, listening to the ideas and views of others. This discussion will often be the inspiration for the Big Question for the following week

For example, in Year 5 – RE enquiry question “Was Jesus the Messiah?”

Big Question week 1 – Who, in our world, might need saving.

(this led to thoughts on countries further afield and natural disasters)

Big Question week 2 – Does someone need weapons to save the world?

(talked turned to diplomacy and friendship)

Big Question week 3 – What changes can we make that will have an impact on others?

(impact- a class kindness advent calendar)

Big Question week 4 – What acts of kindness can we do within our class?

Big Question week 5 – How can we show kindness to those who don’t live near us?

(discussion about those who don’t have enough for Christmas here, and those that have nothing in other countries.

impact – children’s Christmas present from teaching staff a goat and a pig! Children were amazed and this led to discussion on how we can help others in countries that we are unfamiliar with.

Children are encouraged to think of and answer Big Questions. It was such a delight listening to the conversations between Izabelle & Becca as they selected 'big questions' to put on our website. 


Ask each other some of these questions. There are no right or wrong answers!

Why am I here?

Why is our world a place of wonder?

Is Heaven as big as the Earth?

What does God look like?

How would you bring peace to the world?

Why should we care about the environment?

What is heavier - light or dark?

How do you know for certain that you exist?

Would the world be a better place if we all looked the same?

What makes us human?

What makes us happy?

Is World Peace possible?

How do you learn to show respect?

If I'm feeling sad, what should I do?

Can doing something 'bad' ever be the right thing to do?

How do you feel if you break a rule?

Can kindness change the world?

Would you rather have a million pounds or a million laughs?

Is it good to always succeed?

Do rules bring freedom?

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Is Easter all about the eggs?

What is love?

Why do we have wars?

What is trust?

Do numbers go on forever?

Why do we think?

Which colour represent you?