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Guide Dogs for the Blind

I was interested in Puppy Walking with Guide Dogs for the Blind after seeing an advert on the TV. I’ve always loved dogs and wanted to do something with my spare time now both my children were in full time education. After some interviews and checks to see if  my family and I were suitable we received our 8 week old puppy, Lainey. My role as a Puppy Walker involved getting Lainey socialised with all aspects of everyday living. We did trips on buses, visited train station to get her used to all the different noises which included trips back and forth to local stations. We went to supermarkets, big shopping centres, doctors surgeries and hospitals. She wore a special coat when she was old enough to show people she was training and to ignore her so she wouldn’t loose concentration. I had Lainey for 14 months, she then went onto Exeter to do her advanced training and finally was matched. I am currently boarding Guide Dog puppy’s whilst I await my next puppy to start this process again. I feel incredibly proud of what Lainey has become, she has changed someone’s life and is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.