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REVISED RE-OPENING DATE JUNE 8th, at earliest, for Years R, 1 and 6. See Children - Home Learning Page and Webites for further details via video from Mrs Bath and letter from Philip Bowditch CEO BWMAT. St Mark's open as normal for Key Worker children on June 1st. Headteacher Mrs Bath has a 'Welcome Message' for all our new Reception Children and Parents starting St Mark's in September. Please view under Parents -> Preschool Parent Information. Visit Children > Home Learning and Websites for lots of ideas to keep busy and keep learning at home.


At St. Mark’s our vision for MFL is to develop and instil an interest in a range of cultures and languages around the world. We aim to offer ‘WOW’ experiences by inviting visitors and members of our school community to take part in MFL celebrations and activities to learn about the traditions and ways of life in other countries through our topic work. Children in KS2 are given the opportunity to learn a range of languages in line with the new non-core curriculum model through a range of interactive and engaging activities such as songs, stories, role-play and listening to native speakers wherever possible to enable them to understand how people communicate in other languages.

Languages at St Mark's