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"'Let Your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16"

Black Lives Matter

Please enjoy a story written by Isobel age 6 & a poem written by William age 10 ,her big big brother, in response to Black Lives Matter as well as other national & international stories in the media. Mrs Bath was really impressed with their insightful thoughts & ideas.


William's Poem: Age 10 
One Race, The Human Race 
We may be different in the way we look and speak, but we are all the same, no matter what.
We all share the ability to love and to be loved.
We share a history of which we are not always proud, but the past should be learnt from and never repeated.
The struggle for equality started generations ago when my grandparents were young, and still in the year 2020 we are still an unequal world. All too quick to judge each other by what we look like instead of who we are, forming prejudices that last for generations. 

It is time to change this. Make a stand. Stand as one. We are One Race, the Human Race.

Black lives matter. All lives matter
Isobel's story: Age 6 
Two Princesses different but the same
Two princesses called Rosie and Lola had been friends all their lives, they had to keep it a secret as their families were enemies. Rosie's dad became ruler of the kingdom and wasn't very nice to Lola's family as they looked different, wore different clothes and different jewellery. Rosie thought this was wrong and spent years telling her dad not to treat people differently just because they looked different.

One day her dad's kingdom was invaded and he needed help from Lola's family, he couldn't fight the army alone. Lola's dad agreed to help, even though they had not been treated fairly in the past. The two families stood together and with their strengths in different areas fought off the attackers.

Rosie's dad realised he had been silly in how he had treated Lola's family and not been fair with money or the jewels and gems in the Kingdom. He realised that despite differences in what people believe, how they dress and speak sometimes you need help and must stand together to be stronger.

Rosie's father stood down as King and Rosie became the queen and Lola ruled with her. Both Lola and Rosie ruled the Kingdom fairly making sure everyone had enough food, and money and most importantly were treated the same.