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St Mark’s Primary School

"'Let Your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16"

School Council

Welcome to the school council section of the school website!


We have a very important role at St. Mark’s to make sure that all the children around school have a chance to have their voices heard and ‘let their light shine’ (Matthew 5:16). As Year 4, 5 and 6 children, we put ourselves forward to become part of school council at the beginning of the year before being elected to represent the school community by our peers. There are three of us from each class.


We organise good deeds that the school can do such as how we are going to raise money for Children in Need. This year we decided that we would ask staff to take part in a staff bake-off! We also help run family groups, the meeting for new reception parents and work with Friends of School to run the summer fair. At the beginning of Term 2, we led a family group on road safety. As the school council, we also offer suggestions, such as have a bell in the playground. We have also decided to write own version of a newsletter from our perspective so keep checking back to this page for our latest edition!

You can identify us by our blue school council badges. All children across the school can suggest ideas and feedback on events to be discussed in our school council meetings. Look out for us carrying our school council books to write down your ideas!