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St Mark’s Primary School

"'Let Your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16"


DT Vision  


Through practical experiences, our children will be inspired to design and make purposeful products they can be proud of. They will be supported in learning lifelong problem-solving skills which can be utilized in our constantly evolving environment. They will know how to create affordable, balanced meals so they can utilize these skills in adulthood. 


What makes our curriculum special at St Mark's


At St Mark’s we have chosen to celebrate our locality being by the sea by learning about local seaside structures.  

Due to its status of a large village, we provide opportunities to visit rural farms and experience first hand the journey of farm to plate. We also visit more developed areas so they can experience larger structures. 


We have identified the need to support our children in understanding the production process to deepen their understanding of where their everyday objects come from and how simple objects around them are made. We will support them in making links between how they approach the design process in school and how it works in the wider world. 


As it is an economically diverse area, we provide the children with the skills to produce healthy meals within a budget. 

Provide opportunities to experience food from a range of cultures the children may have not previously encountered. 

We encourage learning about successful black and ethnic minority designers.