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"'Let Your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16"

Year 6 RE Home Learning

The Year 6 children, as part of their RE home learning, were tasked with designing a new Christian-inspired lockdown image that could become a nationwide symbol for #lockdown3. Like the rainbow was a symbol of hope in the first lockdown, the children were asked to consider what other Christian foundations would be demonstrated during this new lockdown and explain why they had chosen specific images and colours for their symbol. Here are some examples of the high-quality work we recieved:

"My lockdown picture represents good pushing away the dark bringing us hope, joy and peace. I chose to draw this picture because I think it is beautiful and it also brings us 'Hope'. I also think that the colours used really brighten up your day..."

"I chose to draw a candle because it shows that there is light in the darkness in the world. I chose a dove to show hope to the world."

"Hands represent the NHS around us, taking care of our families and loved one. The cross is our hope and belief that all will be ok. The clouds are there to show our struggle but behind is the sun that gives us hope that better days are coming. The heart represents my family, friends and loved ones being protected by the NHS and all those who are trying to find a solution."

"I chose to draw different symbols for each of the five Christian foundations. The dove represents hope, the heart represents love, the intertwining symbol represents kindness, the five circles represent health and healing, and the heart they are drawn in shows we have all these things to give and share with each other."

"My lockdown picture represents that the sun will come out and overcome the storm, and everything will be worth it as bad things end with good winning and the sunshine will come out. The Christian foundations from my picture is to stay positive, and I think that when #lovethyneighbour delivers food to those vulnerable it gives the people a little bit of sunshine in their lives."

"The rainbow and the sun represent a new start after the virus. The cross and Christian fish is our belief in the Christian values that we will be ok. I chose to draw the house because we are in lockdown and everyone has to stay inside unless leaving for a priority reason."

"The reason I chose this symbol is because the lightning represents how Corona struck and the sun represents Hope and light. The shield represents protection and strength because we haven't let Coronavirus stop us."

"My lockdown picture represents lights at the end of a tunnel. I chose to draw a picture of a lady helping someone out because I want to show we are in this together. The Christian foundations of hope and friendship are shown in the images of kindness."