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                  Miss Hambleton

Additional Support for Children with children with Special Educational Needs or who have Disabilities (SEND)

What is SEND?

Some children find learning more challenging than others and may need extra support to achieve their full potential. Some children have physical difficulties and may need more support to access the curriculum.

For example, they might have difficulty with:

  • Expressing themselves
  • Interacting with others
  • Reading, writing and maths
  • Following lessons
  • Controlling their emotions
  • Sensory or physical mobility

These difficulties can be barriers to learning. At St Mark’s we assess all children to identify their strengths and needs and how we can best support them

Children who need extra help with their learning may receive additional support under one of the following categories:

  • SEN support (replacing School Action and School Action Plus)
  • An Education Health Care Plan (EHC) plan which replace a Statement.

What is SEND support?

SEND support describes the additional help which assists children to access the curriculum.

All children receive high quality differentiated teaching.

Children making slower progress may need high quality teaching plus extra short term support. For example extra help in the classroom or small group support.

For children who despite the short term additional support are still making less progress than their peers may need additional long-term individualised support and/or support from specialists such as speech and language therapists or educational psychologists.  

We will work with you, as parents, when agreeing what support we can provide and the impact the support should have.

What is an Educational Health Care Plan (EHC)?

Children who have complex learning and/or physical needs may need an assessment for an Educational Health Care Plan (EHC).

EHC plans are replacing statements of SEN which will be phased out by 31st March 2018.

The graduated Approach to Additional Support for your child.

We use a four part cycle of Assess, Plan, Do, Review to support the children’s learning. This means the teaching staff and Miss Hambleton, SENDCo, identify that extra support is needed in order for a child to make progress. Appropriate support is then put in place and checked regularly so the amount and kind of support can be changed if necessary. We will share information about the support and progress with you regularly through formal and informal meetings and Individual Education plans (IEP) meetings.


How do I know if my child needs SEN support?

If your child is not making expected progress for his/her year group, he/she may need SEN support.

Class teachers and Miss Hambleton, SENDCo, assess each child’s progress and needs closely and they will always discuss this with you before placing your child on SEN support.


How will the school decide what type of support my child receives?

We understand that every child’s needs are different, and that these may change over time.

We assess each child’s needs closely to identify which support suits them best.

We regularly review the support your child receives to see what is working and what isn’t, and we welcome your views on this also.

Does the new system mean my child will be getting less support?

No. The change from School Action and School Action Plus to SEN support is designed to remove labels, not reduce support. 

We want to help every child achieve the best they can. The new system means we can focus on your child’s individual learning and progress rather than classifications.

What if I think my child needs further support?

Please speak to your child’s class teacher or Miss Hambleton, SENDCo, who may recommend carrying out further assessment or an EHC needs assessment.

Where to go for more information

Contact the school

If you have any questions about the support your child is receiving or about SEND more generally, please speak to your child’s class teacher or Miss Hambleton, SENDCo.  

Monthly T and Toast Morning

On the first Wednesday of each month we have a tea & toast morning for parents of children who have additional needs. It is held in the Explore room from 8.45am to 9.30am to give parents the opportunity to chat and support each other over a drink, toast or biscuits. Younger siblings are welcome and toys provided.

See our SEN policy

The school’s SEND policy sets out more detailed information about the support available for children with SEN and disabilities.

You can access the policy on our website.

External Links

The government’s SEND Code of Practice and the related guide for parents have more information about the topics outlined here.

SEND Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years, GOV.UK – DfE

SEND: a guide for parents and carers, GOV.UK – DfE

Supportive Parents

Support for parents, children and young people about SEND


IPSEA is a charity that helps parents and professionals to support children with SEN and disabilities:


Glossary of terms

EHC plan - Education, Health and Care Plan
SEN - Special Educational Needs
SENCO - SEN co-ordinator
SEND - SEN and disability