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St Mark's Ecumenical Anglican/Methodist Primary School home page

St Mark’s Primary School

"'Let Your Light Shine' Matthew 5:16"


School Leadership Team

Mr S Davis - Head Teacher - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss R Hambleton - Deputy Head Teacher  / SENDCo / Pupil Premium Lead / Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Vowles - Assistant Head Teacher / Teaching and Learning Lead / KS2 Lead / English Lead 

Mrs J Davies - SLT KS1 Lead / Maths Lead

Miss O Owen - SLT Curriculum Lead

Miss K Ball - Phonics and Early Reading Lead


School Teams



Mrs C Hart - Reception Teacher (Monday - Thursday)

Mrs J Boley - Reception Teacher (Monday)

Ms N Derham - Reception Teacher (Tuesday - Friday mornings)

Mrs S Capel - Reception HLTA

Mrs C Margetts - Reception TA

Mrs S Cridland - Reception 1:1 TA

Miss D Reed - Reception TA (pm)


KS1 Team


Miss K Ball - Year 1 Teacher (Monday -Thursday)

Miss C Bailey - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs K Parfitt - Year 1 TA

Miss D Reed - TA (am)



Mrs J Davies - Year 2 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs R Williams - Year 2 Teacher ( Thursday/Friday)

Mrs C Elliott - Year 2 Teacher (Tuesday to Friday)

Mrs R Rooke - Year 2 HLTA, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Bissex - Year 2 1:1 TA

Mrs E Ioannou - Year 2 TA

Mrs S Cox - TA



KS2 Team


Miss L Pugh - Year 3 Teacher

Miss M Hambleton - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs A D'Arcy - TA

Mrs E Ioannou -TA



Miss E Trevarthen - Year 4 Teacher

Miss O Owen - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs R Rooke - HLTA - Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs C Edgar - Year 4 1:1 TA



Miss J Marsh - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs S Lucas - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs L Yianni - Year 5 TA


Mrs L Vowles - Year 6 Teacher

Miss J French - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs D Hall - Year 6 HLTA

Mrs R Jones - Year 6 HLTA



Specialist Teacher and Support


Miss R Hambleton - SENDCo

Mrs J Catto - SENDCo Support Assistant

Miss L Coldwell - Mentor / Family Advisor / Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Bishop - First Aid


School Office


Mrs L Spillane - Office Manager

Ms H Ray - Office Manager

Mrs L Couston - Admin Assistant




Ms H Ray 

Miss C Hawker

Mrs C Hayes

Mrs R Powell

Mrs L Burton

Mrs S Capel

Mrs K Warren

Mrs M Carrick

Mrs H Morley

Mrs C Edgar

Mrs J Catto

Mrs S Cridland

Mrs K Parfitt

Mrs L Bishop

Mrs C Margetts

Mrs F Mawbey


Extended Schools


Mrs L Owen - Breakfast Club 

Mrs S Main - Breakfast Club

Miss C Hawker - Breakfast Club 

Mrs K Warren - Breakfast Club



Site Support


Cleaning staff from Weston Support Services