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Popppy Run

With the difficult circumstances this year we knew that fundraising would be harder for the Royal British Legion, so Max (with some help from Isobel) took part in the poppies in the post appeal.

They each received approximately 20 poppies in the post and they went round door to door to our neighbours selling them (before lockdown 2 & socially distanced of course) 

Max spent nearly the whole of the Monday inset day doing this as well as the Tuesday & Wednesday after School. He got rained on but didn't let it dampen his spirit.

He raised a total of £75 doing this. He was extremely nervous talking to people he didn’t know to begin with but his confidence grew as he did this. Someone that my husband works with who didn’t realise he was our son until we spoke with him a few days later commented on how polite Max was which was lovely to hear.


Max wasn't finished there with his fundraising - Max ran 11 miles over 6 days from the 6th November - 11th November.

(Approx 1.7 miles per day for the first 5 days & 2.5 miles on his last run on the 11th) 

He was also nervous of this to begin with esspecially as he is fearful of dogs & after his first run he encountered a rather large dog but he persevered thinking of the cause he was doing it for.

Max raised some sponsorship while he was selling Poppies & we also set up a justgiving page & in total raised £328 for his run.


So in total for the Poppy Appeal Max raised £403. So Proud of him.