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Mutual Respect

Our Year 6 children led Worship on mutual respect and equality. They performed the poem ‘People Equal’ by James Berry to our Key Stage 2 classes with confidence. They interpreted what each verse of the poem meant to them and shared their thoughts with the children.


People Equal- Poem by James Berry


Children’s interpretations

Some people shoot up tall.
Some hardly leave the ground at all.
Yet-people equal. Equal.


I think that this verse is about people’s physical differences like if they have different colour skin or hair. Also, I think that even if you are disabled we are still equal. We are the same.

One voice is a sweet mango.
Another is a nonsugar tomato.
Yet-people equal. Equal.


This verse if about people’s voices. Some are loud, some are quiet. People from other parts of the world have different accents. Some people have deep voices and some have high pitched voices, but we are all equal.

Some people rush to the front.
Others hang back, feeling they can’t.
Yet-people equal. Equal.


Some people are confident and always want to go first. Some people are less confident and just want to watch first or some people could be shy. It doesn’t matter what you are. You are still equal.

Hammer some people, you meet a wall.
Blow hard on others, they fall.
Yet-people equal. Equal.


I think this verse is about being mentally strong and that some people will be more confident and face life challenges. Some people will need more support from others and might get upset easier.

One person will aim at a star.
For another, a hilltop is too far.
Yet-people equal. Equal.


This verse means that some people have higher ambitions that others. For example, someone would want to go to space but other people want to work in a little shop.

Some people get on with their show.
Others never get on the go.
Yet-People equal. Equal.


This verse is all about how some people are constantly on the go; more doers than thinkers. Also, it’s about how some people are more laid back, more thinkers than doers. Yet all people are equal.



The children watching and listening made some really thought-provoking comments:

Respect is a really important Christian value. You need to build bridges not walls.    -Josh

I am not going to judge people before I get to know them- don’t judge a book by its cover.  – Bethell

Be who you are on the inside- don’t try to be anyone else.  -Jessica