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On 23rd November 2018, our school were lucky to be picked to be the first school to visit Aerospace in a ‘Kids take over museums day.’

A selected group of pupils from Years 5 and 6 who have an interest in science visited Aerospace and ‘took over’ - running some of the departments alongside Aerospace staff. This included the gift shop, the gallery museum, checking and scanning in admission tickets, designing a new logo, helping with marketing and welcoming members of the public onboard Concorde!


It was a thrilling day with a full agenda of activities to keep everyone busy. Lots of new information was gained about Concorde and the importance of Bristol within the aircraft industry as well as new skills learnt in the various departments. Mrs Davis, Family Adviser, said the children were all excellent ambassadors for St Mark’s.

Quotes from the children about the day include;

A spectacular day – because everything that we did was great. My favourite part was having a go at all the different jobs in the museum.

It was a very interactive day which made it very interesting, especially working with the Aerospace staff.

Interesting day! I didn’t realise there was so many different staff and jobs at Aerospace.

I really liked the museum, seeing Concorde and the other planes in the museum.

It was an incredible day. I liked going in the simulator, it was a unique experience because members of the public are not allowed to go in there.

It was a day to remember. I really liked designing the logo for Concorde’s 50th birthday.

Fantastic day! We had a go at lots of different jobs. I enjoyed stacking the new books in the gift shop and making the display look good for customers.

I had a fun, educational day. It was interesting to learn that Concorde travels faster than the speed of sound! It was a pleasure to go where no other schools had been taken in the museum yet.

Extraordinary experience! I found out lots of facts that I didn’t know. I also found out that the facts I had found out for my research project were correct.

I had an amazing time at the ‘Kids take over day.’ I really liked scanning the tickets and chatting to the members of the public.

It was an inspiring day. All the staff were very helpful and kind to members of the public and us. I like helping on the front desk with the admissions and welcoming people.

I got to help people which I really like doing. I found lots of interesting information in the museum.

I loved it because I was able to welcome members of the public onboard Concorde. My best bit of the day!

Perfect day! Over-all we had an amazing experience. My favourite part was going on Concorde and seeing it all for myself.